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The Norris school district has a long history of outstanding academic achievement and activities involvement dating back to its origination in 1964. The two compatible areas of hard-earned accomplishments in the classroom and competitive excellence on the competition field, court and stage go hand-in-hand and define the essence of what it means to be a Titan. 

Over 85% of Norris students are involved in at least one official school activity at the High School level!  This outstanding level of participation is a hallmark of an excellent school spirit and community culture that supports  students’ extracurricular involvement as a  logical extension of their classroom learning.

The mission of the Norris school district to guarantee quality learning experiences so that every student thrives as a productive, responsible, lifelong learner. Lifelong learners are better equipped to make positive contributions to our greater society. Activities have a key role in furthering the unified commitment, teamwork, and sense of camaraderie that is important to instilling civic virtues in our young people.

Our school district continues to field highly competitive teams in a wide variety of officially sanctioned NSAA activities. In the athletics areas, Norris has within the past five years added baseball and tennis. We have experienced a resurgence of tremendous success in football, competed in the state soccer tournament for girls soccer, and had the state champion marching band.  All of these would be further enhanced through complementing our existing programs with better facilities.

The district, guided by its outstanding board of education, has developed a strategic plan for site development which includes expanded weight and strength training (a classroom space which will impact every competitive athletic activity as well), artificial turf field, baseball diamond, and tennis courts. It is truly outstanding to note the capacity the district already possesses: the land is available and accessible for development of these facilities.  We just need your help to contribute the resources to make development of this ground possible. 

Our intent in promoting public awareness of this vision is to nurture potential donors who can contribute to the cause of:  The Titans Creation of Domination fund.  Please join us at whatever level in whatever manner you can to support the Titans.

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