What it is:

Competition – grade, high- durability tennis courts and fencing for these facilities to be located in the current Norris Park area near the picnic shelter and north of the softball diamond.
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How to

Installation of up to four tennis courts for competition and practice facilities for the Norris tennis team.

Completing this project will allow us to have singles and doubles for junior varsity and varsity competition and to actually host events.

Current progress

There is no current progress on this project. The master site plan for athletic facilities development calls for tennis courts as a chief priority.

Why we need it:

Norris has no courts on campus currently. We have had a girls tennis team for five years now.

The Norris District contracts with the city of Hickman for access to and use of the Hickman Park tennis courts. While these courts provide a tolerable surface for practice, they are not suitable for NSAA competition, and as a result, Norris has never hosted a home tennis match.


How much it will cost:

The projected cost for the addition of four tennis courts is 300K.

Public use:

Public use of the tennis courts would proceed through facilities use requests in accordance with district policy. It is anticipated that public use rate of the tennis facility would be high. The first priority for access will be Norris– official sponsored activities. Girls tennis is a spring sport which would access the facility at a high volume throughout the spring sports season.

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